Friday, February 21, 2014

Horses Zombies Ducks

While I appreciate Minecraft adding horses, it seems that you can't tie them up anywhere without a lead. I read that you need slime balls to make leads. Great. No problem. I've been playing the new version since New Year's Day and haven't found a slime ball yet. It seems they made marshes rare and that is the most usual place to find a slime ball. So even though I see horses galore, the only way to keep one is to build a fence around it. I did have some saddles, but one of my horses vanished with the saddle on it when I went to sleep one night. Boo.

It seems they made both jungles and marshes rare to make room for things like ice towers. And though the ice towers are spectacular,  I haven't found any use for them yet. Maybe there is more to them, but I haven't figured that out yet.

Today I did stumble upon a baby zombie riding a duck. I had to get a photo of that. Unfortunately that caused me to die and lose 32 levels. It was worth it though. Who knows if I'll ever see that again.

Baby Zombie Riding a Duck on Minecraft 1.7.4

Not only was this guy attacking me, but skeletons were shooting at me.

Zombie on Duck Yeehaw!

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