House Roster

I've built about 20 houses, most of them hovels to keep from getting killed over night.  I better start keeping a list of them. Someday when I have the pieces to build a map, I'll be able to put a map together.

Houses I've Made on Minecraft
1. Little House on the Prairie
2 Weston's
3 Alley Cat Lodge
4. Hudson's House in the Woods
5. Emergency shelter
6. Fishing Lodge Circa 9/10/12
7. Witches Glen Cottage 9/11/12
8. Cabin of the Blue Faery 9/16/12
9. Keystone Hangout remodeled 9/17/12
10. Cliffhouse in the Jungle 9/12/12
11. Jungle Fever Bed & Breakfast 9/17/12
12. Rain Goddess Sanctuary 9/18/12

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