Sunday, September 2, 2012

Go To Bed Sleepy Head

Well, my bed experiment failed.  I had placed a random bed somewhere.  Then I made a new one that I took with me.  I built 2 awesome cottages, and one morning, I walked out the door with my bed in my inventory and got killed by a zombie.  And no bed was found to respawn in. Gone, Along with all my inventory. I spawned next to a house I started on day one... with no torches or anything. So I guess if you are going to take your bed in tow, set it down when you get to your work spot and try not to lose it.

After tooling around in the dark for far too long, I figured my number one goal should be to make a bed.  Now I'm thinking to tell new people to make the bed almost the #1 priority. And not just one bed, but two.

Since iron ore was so hard to find, and I knew you needed shears to sheer the sheep and get the wool, I thought making a bed was a lost cause. The only time I had the iron ore was when I was deep in the mine, and then I had no sheep.

Then I found out by chance you don't have to sheer the sheep, you just have to kill it and it gives up a block of wool usually.  So I killed 3 sheep, got the wool, and used 3 planks and 3 wool to make a bed.  Yay.  No more long nights. Or so I thought.  I put my lovely bed in my shack, and wandered away in chase of cows and never saw it again.

Once you die,  you now reappear next to your bed.  But I had an inventory full of stuff so I didn't want to just die and lose it.  I also assumed you could only have one bed. Not so.

Anyway, I lost my bed and it was another six or seven long nights before I died again and reappeared.  And then I so loved my little red bed.  And I grabbed it and decided to take it with me in my menu bar so I could throw it down as needed.  So now if it suddenly gets dark, I throw it down.

So I made a spare bed. I had one in my inventory and one in my menu bar. And I died.  Don't ask me how, but I got embedded in a wall and suffocated. Brutal.  So I lost both beds.

So after I went to my real bed, and thought on it, I came up with a new master plan.  Make two beds.  Immediately put one in the world, in case of sudden death. Keep the other in the menu bar, just in case night falls like an anchor in the ocean.  Throw it down quick and hop in and it will be daytime again.

Since I so rarely find coal, I don't really want to wait for nights to pass anymore.

So in short, 3 wood planks and 3 wool makes one bed. Make it a priority to make 2 beds. But put the first one somewhere you like right away, just in case you die looking for sheep.

Bed from Minecraft. They only come in red so far.

How to make a bed diagram.


Pig's give pork.
Sheep can be hard to find, so grab then when you see them.

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