Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Raw Beef Anyone?

Today I happened upon my two favorite houses.  I lost them last time I died. I found out that dragging your bed around with you won't keep you from getting killed. In fact I was standing right next to it in a sandy area when I was killed by an alderman (whatever that is). I never saw it.  And the pop-up said, "Your home bed is either missing or obstructed."  Judging by the wording I'm guessing you only respawn in your bed if it's in your 'home'.  I'm not sure how the game determines where your home is.  Is it the first spot you spawned?  Is it whatever house you built that happens to have the bed in it at the time?

Today's discovery was that when you get killed, the inventory in your hope chest stays intact.  And if you have different hope chests here there and everywhere, they don't have the same universal contents.  Somehow I ended up with two chests in one house and each of them had different things.  One has raw beef in it and I haven't seen a cow in 2 days so I know I've died since that went in there.  Cool. That means I'm not starting from scratch each time.

I also learned how to make bread and cookies and a cocoa tree.  Happy happy joy joy.

Oh and I almost died from eating rotten zombie meat.  Just saying!  The food bar turns a sickly green and I lost a few hearts.

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