Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tutorial Pet Peeve

Sometimes I get stuck on Minecraft and go to watch some tutorials, hopefully explaining how to do what I'm trying to do.  Today I went to find one on planting an apple tree.  Just one apple.  Just one tree.

I find a bazillion tutorials on apple tree farming.  They all compose of a giant apple farm with pistons and artificial lighting and canals and sliding auto harvesting modifications. For the love of god, can't you just show someone how to plant one apple in the ground?  I'm not Johnny frickin' appleseed. I'm not understanding why everything must be 'automatic' with 'pistons'. I'm not sure why you have to harvest 10 million apples or cocoa beans. I don't know why you need fruit that picks itself or why you need to chop down 300 trees at once.

In a strange parallel with real life, I just want a simple farmstead, with an orchard. I want it to be beautiful, not like the industrial age in Chicago. I'm sure I'm not the only one that wants that. Nor do I need to construct a flame thrower or set the whole forest on fire.

The other tutorial pet peeve is someone that starts out and never gets to the point, or gets distracted mid-course. The title will say apple tree farm, and 15 minutes into it they've talked about building a self-watering greenhouse.  Then he says, "And now it's the end of the tutorial"...but he never planted any apple trees.  Face palm.

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